Cameron and His Jeep



This Senior session was a very sentimental one for both Cameron and his family. Cameron’s mom Betsy had mentioned to me that she and Cameron wanted his Jeep to be a part of this photo shoot. She told me that the Jeep had belonged to her brother that had passed on. I was very moved by her reasons for wanting to include the Jeep in this session. I had to make sure I had a great location to shoot these images! I proceeded to scout locations to shoot, which was no easy task. Back in the day, there were lots of places we could have gone. Today, so many of the places we used to go as teenagers have now been developed and so many places and roads have been gated from entry. I drove around for many hours looking for a great spot, even in the pouring rain one evening at 11:30 pm. I finally came to a location where trees had been cleared for construction……It seemed perfect! I dropped a “pin” on the location and asked that Cameron and his mom Betsy meet me there to shoot. We were also able to capture a few images across the street. To wrap up the session, we moved over to the local farm where I had previously sought permission to shoot a couple of images. Cameron is a very polite, genuine and handsome young man. His parents should be very proud of their son! Cameron is currently visiting and touring colleges. UMass Lowell is emerging as a top choice for Cameron. I wish Cameron much success and happiness in his future! It was such a pleasure working with Cameron and Betsy.